Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Intelligent Enough for Oxford? or Look Before You Leap

Evidently, at dawn on May Day, it is a tradition at Oxford for undergraduates to leap (fully clothed with some in ball gowns and formal jackets) twenty-five feet from the Magdalen Bridge to the River Cherwell below. Unfortunately, they neglected to see that, this year, the river was only three feet deep.

It seems that neither the fences put in place to deter the jumpers nor the police officers nearby were enough to keep 100 Oxford students from jumping. According to the Sunday Telegraph, more than thirty students were injured. Some students were treated at the scene, but ten were taken to the hospital with spinal injuries, broken legs, ankles, and ribs. One student was impaled on a 6ft fence.

You know, I always thought you had to be really smart to get into Oxford.

But, evidently, you don’t.


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