Thursday, April 21, 2005


Number of loads of laundry done in the past week: 4

Number of white t-shirts turned unto blue t-shirts in the past week: 2

Number of spam emails I deleted yesterday morning: 99

Number of personal, genuine emails I received yesterday morning: 3

Number of times in the past two days I’ve explained the American high school system to British people: 5

Number of exercise books I brought home last night to mark: 29

Number of exercise books I actually marked last night: 0

Number of pages of blog entries I typed instead of marking exercise books: 7

Number of television channels I receive: 7

Number of programs worth watching at this moment: 0

Number of times today my department head told me something: 3

Number of times today I had to say to my department head, ‘Wait, what was that again?’: 6

Number of kids not in my class who tried to sneak into my class instead of going to their own class today: lost count at 9

Number of times I had to eject one particular kid from my class and send him to his own class: 4

Number of days a 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke lasts in my refrigerator (average): 2

Number of times I had to read the microwave instructions before I managed to cook my dinner tonight: 5

Number of times I successfully managed to accurately follow those microwave instructions when I cooked my dinner tonight: 0


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