Wednesday, April 20, 2005


On Sunday, I went back into London. (Yes, that does make twice in one weekend, thank you very much.) I wasn’t going to, but Sunday was the 25th London Marathon. And, you know me: give me a huge crowd of people and some blocked-off streets, and I just have to go get in the middle of it.

The Marathon starts in Greenwich and winds around the streets of London, eventually ending on the Mall, just down from Buckingham Palace. The streets were lined with thousands for screaming, yelling people. In all the miles I walked, I only saw one gap in the people against the barriers lining the street…and that was only just large enough for me to wedge myself into so I could take a picture.

The great thing about the Marathon was all those people, yelling and encouraging the runners. It was amazing, really.

And, now that I’ve been to the Marathon, I can confirm one thing: not only does Elvis live, but he can run more than 26 miles in just under 4 hours and 17 minutes.

Since I was Londoning on Sunday, I decided to head in a bit earlier and visit my friends at St. Philip’s in Norbury. Janet and Basil say hi


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