Saturday, April 16, 2005

That Funny Money

Regular readers may remember that I recently visited Scotland. Once there, I had need for a guidebook that I purchased with nice, regular, common English money. In return, I got my guidebook, a few coins, and some rather odd-looking Scottish paper money that claimed to be a £5 note. As the day progressed, I got more of those, which I pocketed, somewhat intrigued, somewhat worried about how I would get rid of them when I returned to England.

So, assured by the friendly tour guide from London Walks, I decided to use one at the Marks and Spencer food store at Paddington Station (I really needed those bacon strips and chocolate digestive biscuits). The look on the cashier’s face was brilliant...she managed to look bored, confused, and suspicious all at once. ‘I’ve never seen one of these before,’ she said. It almost makes me wonder what else I could have passed off as money….

I also tried to use one at the post office in Windsor. Evidently, she had seen them before. ‘Yes…we take those,’ she said, while managing to look disgusted and annoyed at the same time.

Thinking back, that was rather fun. I still have two Scottish notes to use. I wonder if I can get a few more….


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