Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Food for Thought

Okay, I hereby renounce my condemnation of blackcurrants. At least for the next paragraph or two. In Saturday’s Times magazine, there was an article about Jerry Hopkins’ new book. Called Extreme Cuisine, this book described his eating adventures throughout the world. From eating dog (note: old dog is chewy) and drinking freshly-drained bat’s blood (fresh as in, the waiter slit its throat at the table and drained the blood into a glass) to whipping up a batch of grilled whole baby mice, he seems to have tried it all. The oddest food in the book? No, not the mango urine lassi recipe. Not even eating a still-beating cobra heart. The oddest food, by far, was what he sautéed in butter and onions and then served as a pate on crackers to guests coming to visit his new baby. That thing he offered up? His son’s placenta. Really. (He did warn the guests first, though.)

But, after eating all sorts of food and there’s-just-no-way-this-can-be-called-food from around the globe, guess what he simply can’t stand.

That’s right...he just hates marmite.


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