Thursday, April 21, 2005

These are a few of my favourite British things

Favourite weekday newspaper: The Times

Favourite Sunday newspaper: The Telegraph

Favourite excuse: ‘You can’t do that to me…I’m a maths teacher!’ (Really. It works for just about every situation: extra lunch duty, traffic tickets, visa revocations…you name it!)

Favourite Tesco sandwich: Pesto Chicken on a Rustic Roll

Favourite chocolate bar: Yorkie

Favourite digestive biscuit: Marks and Spencer chocolate covered (they’re well good!)

Favourite museum admission price: free

Favourite British pastime: (tie) filling in forms and queuing for anything

Favourite generic diet cola: Marks and Spencer (it tastes pretty much like Diet Coke)

Least favourite generic diet cola: Tesco (it tastes pretty much like crap) (as a side note, so does Virgin Diet Cola…actually, it’s even worse, but it’s not considered a generic…at least I don’t think it is)

Favourite reason for trains running late in the autumn: the wrong kinds of leaves are on the tracks (really)

Favourite voltage: 220 (hey, like I’ve got a choice?)

Favourite reason for not getting off my butt and exercising more: I’ve got to write more entries for the blog.


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