Monday, February 14, 2005


After another breakfast of Special K Chocolate, I headed to the beach to find a bus to take me to Reus. Reus is the city where I landed on Saturday, but I wasn´t able to see much - only the tiny airport.

I purchased my ticket and made the 10-minute journey to the city. I began by wandering about (imagine that...) and ended up at the church of San Pedro. After that I kept walking and found a large outdoor market. Held in the area surrounding the central food market (or merkat as we say in Spain), it had everything from clothes (lots and lots of clothes) to household implements to chickens. Yes, chickens. And tropical birds. And goldfish, mice, and turtles. All I bought were churros.

I also visited the post office and bought some stamps (or sellos) for my postcards. I managed to negotiate purchasing something for lunch (not a pizza exactly, but thin, circular bread with cheese and other things on top).

Evidently in Spain, everything closed for mid-afternoon and reopens later. So, I found myself among only a few other people wandering about. I found a nice park with a fountain and sat and read for a while.

Now, I´m finishing up in an internet cafe and hopefully, I´ll figure out how to get back to Salou!


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