Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yesterday's Adventures in London...Continued

In yesterday's update, I neglected to mention that I attended a wine tasting at Harrod's. I sampled a lovely Chablis and a nice white champagne.

After I left the internet cafe, I walked about and ended up in Chinatown. With its illuminated Chinese arches and restaurant windows filled with skinned animals, it felt truly exotic. I popped into the Loon Fung Chinese Market for a bit of shopping. Continuing my quest to learn other languages by drinking Coke products, I selected a Fanta Strawberry labeled in an odd, eastern language. I also couldn't resist the "Seedness Pumes," an exotic sweet the likes of which I had never tasted before. After paying for my purchases, I eagerly unwrapped my first seedness pume. After untwisting the wire tie, removing the outer wrapper and then the clear inner wrapper, I was rewarded with a nice salted prune. And I'm happy to report that is was indeed seedness.

I next strolled over to Covent Garden where buskers were raising money for the tsunami relief.


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