Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Head

Did you ever watch the television show Third Rock from the Sun? The basic premise was that a group of four aliens arrived on earth to live among the humans. Hilarity ensued. (Yeah, I know, not an original premise at all.) Evidently, they landed on earth and took human names: Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally. They often referred to their leader, The Big Giant Head.

So, when people at school mention that they just talked to The Head, it makes me giggle just a bit.

And that’s often how she’s referred to – The Head. As in, ‘The Head is looking for you,’ or ‘I just gave that lesson plan to The Head,’ or ‘Don’t make me take your sodding carcass straight to The Head.’

It makes you wonder. I mean, I get these visions of a giant cranium perched atop a mighty throne in the office. But don’t worry. She has arms, legs, and a torso as well.


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