Saturday, April 16, 2005

What Fun I'll Have

We just found out that Her Majesty’s Inspectorate is playing another visit to our school. (Just so you know, a visit by HMI is a very intensive, stressful time at school for everyone involved…it requires intensive planning and getting-ready-for procedures.) This time, they are visiting on May 16 and 17. Now, keen readers may have already realized something about this. But for the rest of you, I’ll clue you in.

Let’s work backwards…May 17 is a Tuesday, May 16 is a Monday. May 15, a Sunday, is the day I arrive BACK in England from my trip to the United States. May 14, a Saturday, is my brother’s wedding. May 13, a Friday, is still fairly open. May 12 is a Thursday and my brother’s wedding rehearsal. May 11, a Wednesday, is the day of my flight to the United States. May 10, a Tuesday, is the latest possible time that five full days’ worth of lesson plans are due.

So, in one week, I’ll have five full sets of lesson plans to turn in, two transatlantic plane flights, a wedding, and a crucial, high-stakes inspection. I will certainly need a stiff Diet Coke when all that is over.

The only saving grace is that, last time HMI came, I was one of the few (very, VERY few) people who actually got a good rating.


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