Friday, January 05, 2007

The Royal Mail

It's generally accepted around here that the Royal Mail delivers first class mail overnight...anywhere in the country. Oh can order something online one day and have it the next.

So, here's an interesting story...the Royal Mail took nine days to deliver this Christmas card. Of course, that's all the address they had to go on.

Yes, that's right. A name and a hand-drawn map. Nine days. During the peak Christmas season.

(The original story here.)

Last Tuesday

Tuesday was January2, the day after New Year's and the day before Go Back to Work. So, I decided to head into London and check out a few things.

First, I went to the Theatre Museum. I had meant to go sooner, but I found I had to go NOW because the museum is closing its doors forever on January 7. The museum is a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum and charts the history of British theatre.

London - Theatre Museum - 17

(The website is supposedly here, but it, like the museum, is probably closed.)

I also went to the British Museum. There were a few exhibits closing on January 7 - some Bengal artwork, Pacific tribal religious artifacts, and some Byzantine money.
London - British Museum - 07

Looming over parts of northern London is the BT Tower. Though closed to the public, I had long wanted to stalk it to its source. No, wait...that's rivers. Anyway...I had been wanting to go see it from its base. So I did.

London - BT Tower - 03

Some photos from my trek are here on flickr.

I also took this rather nice photo of Paddington Station.
London - Paddington Station

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Happy New Year from England. Thanks for everything in 2006. Best wishes for a great 2007!