Saturday, September 10, 2005

Still here...

No, I haven't had my blood sucked out by that huge quasi-skeeter, I've just been so totally swamped with things during the first week of school. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon.

But until then, here's one:

Friday, September 02, 2005


From the movie The Truman Show:

We accept the reality of the world we are presented.

I Should Have Gone to Serbia Instead

Superman spotted in Serbia

Serbian authorities are investigating reports of a real-life Superman after people claimed to have seen a cloaked figure flying over their houses.

Hundreds of residents in Ljubovija described seeing a cloaked person flying above buildings "as if he had an invisible engine on his back" and changing directions while in mid-air, local daily Blic reported.

One local said: "It was like something out of Superman or Batman. No one has any rational explanation for what we all saw."

Police in the town have refused to comment.

The Bugs Over Here

Check out this HFB:

What does HFB mean? It stand for Huge Freakin’ Bug. Here it is next to a ruler:

You’ll notice that even dead with legs folded, this thing is nearly 2.5 inches long. Now, imagine it all spread out, flying around your room.

(Of course, you’ll forgive me for thinking, when I saw this thing flying towards me, that the F in HFB stood for something other than Freakin’.)

I think this is a mosquito. If so, it’s the largest mosquito I have ever seen.

Well, except for the identical one I smooshed last night.

This thing wouldn’t nearly suck a bit of my blood; it would drain me. I can’t imagine the size of the bite. I’d probably swell up the size of a house.

And, since I’m not suffering through this thing alone, here are some more pictures:

If you’re just dying to see this HFB even closer, you can click on the pictures above. Beware, though, that the first picture and the last picture are rather large.