Friday, January 05, 2007

Last Tuesday

Tuesday was January2, the day after New Year's and the day before Go Back to Work. So, I decided to head into London and check out a few things.

First, I went to the Theatre Museum. I had meant to go sooner, but I found I had to go NOW because the museum is closing its doors forever on January 7. The museum is a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum and charts the history of British theatre.

London - Theatre Museum - 17

(The website is supposedly here, but it, like the museum, is probably closed.)

I also went to the British Museum. There were a few exhibits closing on January 7 - some Bengal artwork, Pacific tribal religious artifacts, and some Byzantine money.
London - British Museum - 07

Looming over parts of northern London is the BT Tower. Though closed to the public, I had long wanted to stalk it to its source. No, wait...that's rivers. Anyway...I had been wanting to go see it from its base. So I did.

London - BT Tower - 03

Some photos from my trek are here on flickr.

I also took this rather nice photo of Paddington Station.
London - Paddington Station


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