Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So, what have I been doing since October?

Let's see...there's work. And work. And more work.

But I'd be lying if I said that work was all I've been doing. So, let's begin...

Lisbon, Portugal - for an European Union eTwinning Workshop
Amsterdam, Holland
Oslo, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Calais and Lille, France, and Brussels, Belgium - breakfast in England, lunch in France, dinner in Belgium
(pictures here on flickr)

Chelmsford Cathedral
Southwark Cathedral
St. James West Hampstead

St Barnabas, Soho Square

Seeing, Going, Doing:
Windsor Castle - several rooms from the residence are now open!
St. George's Chapel
The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret
The Golden Hinde
The Tate Modern - new slides!
The Lord Mayor's Show in London
The Lord Mayor's Fireworks
(some pictures on flickr)

Starter for Ten
Wyrd Sisters
Grantchester Grind
Adrian Mole, the Wilderness Years
Ultraviolet (can't find a link...sorry)
Cold Comfort Farm
Number 10
A Dog Called Demolition
The Last King of Scotland
My Life in Orange
Utterly Monkey

Around the World on Expenses
Merde Actually

plus...the Guardian and London's two new free papers, thelondonpaper and London Lite

Edited and posted pictures from various trips in the past two years.

(a very edited list)
Mexican food from Charley's Horse in Windsor
Mince Pie donut from Krispy Kreme (only one, honest!)
Marks and Spencer Turkey and Trimmings Wrap (turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and pork chipolata all in a traditional flour tortilla wrap)

Shoot-Out Cards (ugh...don't ask...it starts with confiscating one card...then grows...)

Lice (worst case ever EVER on a kid in my tutor group)
Tornadoes - the London Tornadoes missed me


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