Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beating Retreat all the uproar this week (see below), I completely forgot to tell you about Beating Retreat.

No, it's not my new behaviour management seminar ("Sign up now for Beating Retreat! Three days in the wilderness will do wonders for those unruly children!"). Instead, it's a military ceremony.

Evidently, the official Beating Retreat is a huge military hoopty-ha in London. In Windsor, however, we had our own mini-Beating Retreat on Sunday just outside the Castle. The band of the Queen's Life Guard (military folk, not pool watchers) played a 30-minute concert and then marched back into the Castle, processing by the Governor of Windsor Castle, Air Chief Marshall Sir Richard Johns.

I have pictures. And yes, there are an awful lot of the same people...I was crowded in at the barrier and couldn't move...and the band didn't move much either.

(As a side note, it seems that Chief of Air Staff (which Sir Richard was before becomming Governor) is the Air Force equivalent of Chief of Naval Staff...except the Chief of Naval Staff gets called the First Sea just sounds cooler.)

As another related note, Sunday morning, I churched (probably not the proper word) at St. George's Chapel and sat in front of one of the Military Knights. As yes, he was dressed like the guys in the picture on the site.


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