Monday, October 17, 2005

It was free…and really useful

So, Staples, the office superstore, has capitalized on the fact that poor teachers will do anything to get something free. To celebrate (or something like that) the new school term, Staples printed 20% off coupons in the paper (when you provide proof you teach in a school) and offered free teacher gift packs (worth £15!) to any teacher spending more than £30.

Now I’m not saying I’m a sucker or anything, but the gift pack was okay. It had paper samples, a free mouse pad, and…this is the best part…a small plastic box with a lid.

Now before you laugh (okay…stop laughing), this small plastic box is really useful. I mean, it is! It has to be because it has ‘Really Useful Box’ printed on the side.

I know I sleep better at night knowing Staples, the Office Superstore, cares enough to give me, not just a ‘Pretty Useful Box,’ but to go that extra mile and give me a ‘Really Useful Box.’


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