Monday, October 17, 2005

It’s Me…a Chicken Tikka Masala Snob

Oh, come on. You know you do it, too. You go to your local Indian restaurant and order a chicken tikka masala with maybe some pilau rice and a nice garlic nan and a few poppadoms on the side. But then, it arrives, and rather than the nice, rich red sauce that you were expecting on your chicken tikka masala, it’s orange.

Yeah, I don’t like that.

But, since we’re speaking of Indian food, we had a new Indian takeaway menu put through our door (technically, it was put through the mail slot on the door). The main courses are all nicely described, but on the back are a number of vegetable side dishes. Other than the bombay aloo which is so obviously potatoes (okay, I really only know that because the place threw some in for free – and labelled them – last time I ordered), I have no clue what these things are: sabzi bhaji, sabzi curry, aloo gobi, matar paneer, bhindi bhaji, sag aloo, brinjal bhaji, chola daal, sag paneer, and tarka-daal

I have it narrowed down from past experience that a bhaji is some type of fried vegetable fritter. Onion bhajis are…well…fried onion fritters. But what’s a sabzi? Or a bhindi? Or a brinjal?

And a sag paneer? Sounds like what happens when your mountain climbing socks slip down.

But I am cheered by the statement on the bottom of the menu: ‘Any dish not on the menu can be prepared on request.’ I wonder if they can do a nice chicken taco masala with bhindi nachos?


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Blogger graycie said...

Glad you're back! Did you know that the "comments" place on the top post doesn't work?

I like Indian food, but I don't know what any of it is. However, one of the ED teachers here isfrom India -- Tina is awesome and if you want translations, I can get'em for you. Although sometimes it's more fun to guess and sometimes not to know. Ever.

The GGs miss you. How come the photos of you don't have smiles? Are you unhappy there?

How do the terms "year 6" and year 11" compare to freshmen, sophomores, etc. Another blogger at Tales from the Chalkface (it's linked to my blog)is in Liverpool and we exchange translations sometimes.

6:49 PM  

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