Monday, January 24, 2005

Residential Street Signs

Have you ever been in a residential area and wasn’t sure which street you were on? One nice thing about Virginia is that the roads are all clearly marked. With very few exceptions, if you come to an intersection, you can glance up at the pole on the corner. Those handy green (or sometimes blue) signs tell you both the name of the street you are currently on as well as the name of the intersecting street.

In England, it’s much more difficult. In neighbourhoods here in Stevenage, when you reach the junction (they don’t have intersections here), there may or may not be a sign. Notice that I said ‘a’ sign. If the streets are labeled at all, only one of them is labeled. And sometimes the sign is angled so that it could indicate either the street you are currently on OR the intersecting (junctioning?) street.

The redeeming fact, though, is that those signs, when you can find them, are much larger than those in the United States.


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