Saturday, January 22, 2005

The British Fascination with Blackcurrants

It's everywhere - blackcurrant tea, blackcurrant yogurt, blackcurrant drinks, blackcurrant jam and conserves...the list goes on. Tonight, I unwrapped a reddish-purple "sparkling fruit drop" anticipating it to be either strawberry or perhaps cherry.

But no. Even as it passed into my mouth, I knew. It was a blackcurrant sparkling fruit drop.

The Worldwide Gourmet has an informative page all about blackcurrants.

I believe my favorite serving suggestion would have to be this:

Place blackcurrants over high heat until they burst, add butter and serve with duck breast, guinea-fowl, roast pork or poached skate with vinegar.

I didn't even know you could poach skates. I wonder if it would work with roller-blades, too?

But I have to agree with this warning:

Handle as little as possible.

Is it too much to ask to have some grape-flavoured things over here?


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