Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Potentially Bad Idea

I went to Tesco Extra grocery store yesterday afternoon. My trip was inspired by the news that we are supposed to have some snow this weekend. And, in parts of the United States, it seems to be the local custom to flock to the grocery store when any poor weather is forecast.

Also, I was bored, hungry, and had a pocketful of money. And that is a potential recipe for disaster. Luckily, since I have to either walk or take the bus, the disaster was thwarted by my limited ability to carry things.

The damage was limited to just under £15. I bought the requisite foods to have on hand in case I get snowed in: bread, peanut butter, and jelly. Of course, it was a loaf of European bread which means, despite the fact it was sliced white bread, it was freshly baked and meant to be eaten soon, unlike American sliced white bread which can last for weeks. (Sure, it may get stale, but it’s still useable. Trust me.) The peanut butter is British peanut butter, which I have heard is somewhat different from American peanut butter. The jelly is actually jam, a nice-looking strawberry jam. So, if the snow comes, if the power goes out, if I can’t get out for days, I’m ready.

I also bought two chicken wraps - a southern fried chicken wrap and a barbeque chicken wrap. Tesco makes a very nice chicken fajita wrap so I’m looking forward to trying these new wraps.

Into my shopping basket also went a packet of express rice and a packet of peas pilaf. Beats me what they are, but the picture on the front looked good and you can microwave them in the packet, just like the four-cheese tortellini I got as well. Next, I found a roll of sesame and poppy seed thins – an eight-inch long sleeve of crackers. (They are very, very tasty with the Cheshire cheddar cheese I already had at home.)

Those of you familiar with my snacking habits know my penchant for tortilla chips and salsa. In Roanoke, I regularly frequented one of the local Mexican restaurants. In England, I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant. So, I also added one small jar of Old El Paso medium thick and chunky salsa and one small bag of tortilla chips to the basket.

Finally, I bought a pack of AA batteries for my digital camera.

So, the potential disaster was averted.

And halfway home, I realized I forgot the newspaper I wanted to get.


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