Thursday, January 20, 2005


One of the great things about travelling on your own without a set schedule is that you can wander. It’s easy – just walk about and look at things. In the past three weeks, I’ve come across a number of things that I would probably have never seen or done had I relied on a guidebook or a set schedule.

By wandering around the streets near King’s Cross Station, I ended up at the British Library and saw some of DaVinci’s original notebooks.

By wandering around the streets near Trafalgar Square, I found the Institute of Contemporary Art and saw not only a very well produced Iraqi film, but also some locally-produced skate culture films.

By wandering near Westminster Abbey, I not only stumbled across a museum of funeral effigies, but was able to attend Evensong.

Now, perhaps I would have eventually seen and done all of those things anyway.

But maybe not.


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