Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Random things on the web

Between the email lists I'm on and the web sites I keep tabs on with My Yahoo, I've come across a few interesting things today.

First, you think having your car stuck at the end of the driveway is bad? Try having your airplane stuck at the end of the runway.

In March, 2003, this C-5 Galaxy airplane got stuck at the end of the runway in Norfolk, Virginia, and couldn't turn around. It stayed there, nose over the interstate for more than 16 hours while a special tow bar was trucked in from Delaware. And it's true...honest.

Second, perhaps I need something like this to travel Europe.

With over $1.2 million worth of equipment, this bike will keep you online while you camp out in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, if the teaching thing doesn't work out, I can always get my qualification in wheel clamping.


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