Thursday, August 04, 2005

You gotta love that Strawberry Frog

On June 30, the Guardian had a section about global warming. One part had some advertising posters that tried to get the message across to people. Examples are a poster with a light switch labelled ‘OFF’ and ‘FLASHFLOODS’ and the text ‘Your small changes can make a big difference.’ Another poster had side-by-side images of a light bulb and a hand grenade with the text ‘Which is the bigger threat to world safety?’

My favourite, however, was a poster done by the ad agency Strawberry Frog. It features ‘a cartoon image of a flatulent sheep with the claim that methane produced by livestock is 21 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide pollution.’ Below the sheep is the text, ‘Your farts warm the bed. Her farts warm the planet. Drive less and eat your vegetables.’


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