Monday, August 29, 2005

Saturday in London

I started off by heading towards the Tower Bridge.

I was planning on going to the Design Museum (I’ve only been trying to get there since February). But, I got sidetracked by this:

It’s called Dreamscape 2005 and it’s a huge, inflatable art installation. Well, I’m certainly not one to miss a huge, inflatable art installation, so I paid my £5, took off my shoes, and put on a bright red tunic. (Really.)

Before I tell you what I walked into, you need to see the surroundings again.

It’s a grey day. There’s construction around. It’s in this gravel lot called Potter’s Field. Behind me is Tower Bridge and lots of traffic.

Then, I walked in to this:

It’s this amazing space filled with nothing but colour to wander through and explore. There are relaxing background sounds which mask the outside noise. It’s completely unreal.

Afterwards, I finally made it to the Design Museum.

There is one floors devoted to the design of modern life and one floor showcasing highlights of European Design, including this interesting exhibit of light bulbs in water called Flood:

There is also an exhibit of the Evolution of Surfboards.

Later, I went to a performance of a play called Letters of War, performed on the HMS Belfast by the National Youth Theatre.

After that, I noticed a large cruise ship heading towards the Tower Bridge.

I also took these pictures.


Blogger Denny said...

Just found your site and am totally impressed. Was reading about the disaster of the Dreamscape and from there, found your blog. Had no idea what the Dreamscape looked like inside but your pictures are mind boggling. I am a Londoner living in California and hope to be making a visit home before the end of the year The pictures of the Tower Bridge, an area in which I grew up, just warmed me. Wonderful, wonderful pictures and thankyou for sharing.

12:42 AM  

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