Wednesday, August 17, 2005


'It's not the Belfast you expected, is it?' asked a man at church Sunday.

And, truthfully, it wasn't. Despite an underlying current of apprehension, Belfast is, in many ways, a regular city. There are parks, shopping areas, tourist activities, and things like that. Of course, there is still the ongoing Troubles.

Here are seven posts from my week in Belfast. There are a lot of pictures so the pages will take some time to load. In many cases, clicking the small picture will give you a larger, clearer picture. Some of the pictures may be a bit dark for you. On the laptop I used to get things ready to upload, they looked pretty good. Then, on the computer at school, some looked too dark. Then, on the computer at the library, they look okay again. I think the difference is an LCD monitor compared to a regular CRT.

But anyway, I hope you are able to see at least some of the pictures. In some cases, the layout isn't great but it's the best I could do in the time I had.



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