Thursday, August 04, 2005

Huh…imagine that…

In yet another example of, ‘Well, duh,’ the medical journal Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has published a study of eight-year-olds in which it was found that children with televisions in their bedrooms score ‘“significantly lower” on standardized tests than their peers without a set.’

Golly, my mom would have told them that.

There’s a bunch of statistical stuff, but basically researchers found a 17-point difference in predicted maths scores. The researchers based their findings on students’ third-grade scores on the Stanford Achievement Test (maths, reading, and language arts sections) in the spring of 2000.

They also found students with home computers score higher on all tests than children without access. Children with bedroom TVs but no computer at home scored lowest while children with computer access but no bedroom TVs scored highest.


Blogger Mum said...

Which makes me think we should get some grants and start researching the conclusions I have been making for years!

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