Thursday, August 04, 2005


Remember my trials and tribulations with dentists over here? Well, it seems that, according to the World Health Association figures, 1’2-year-olds in England could boast of the best dental health in Europe, although there are glaring disparities.’

One of those ‘disparities’ is the fact that rates of tooth decay among children in parts of the north is twice as bad as in some other regions. The article also says the following:

‘As for adult oral health, the government says there have been great strides over the past three decades and, despite the queues for NHS treatment, the future is looking bright.’

Huh…I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t need a crown THREE DECADES AGO…they’d have probably sent me to a barber and had him bleed me for a bit.

(This article was in the Guardian sometime in July…sorry…I misplaced the exact date.)


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