Saturday, July 02, 2005

Monday’s Guardian had a short profile of Boothby Graffoe (evidently he’s some British radio personality). The profile has him state his preferences for newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio, ads, and new media. Now, aside from learning about Boothby’s self-centredness (‘I bought “Time Out” today, but only because I’m in it,’ and he listens to ‘Radio 4, Radio3, and Radio 2, but only when I’m on it.’), the bloke can’t seem to do math or geography.

In the New Media section, he says he loves to play internet chess ‘against people in America. If I’m playing at 2 pm and they’re playing at 12 at night I do very well, but if I’m playing at 12 at night, I’m usually too drunk.’

Okay, ignoring the fact that the man plays drunken chess online at midnight (perhaps he should listen to more radio instead), if he’s playing at 2 pm and they’re playing at 12 at night, he not playing against people in America. People in parts of Australia maybe, or Guam, or even Vladivostok, but not America.


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