Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's So Hot

It’s so hot in England…

(This is where you say, ‘How hot is it?’)

It’s so hot that…oh, I don’t know…it’s just hot.

Now, I know what you all are saying: ‘There’s so way it’s hotter than Texas/Washington/Roanoke/Texas.’ And you’re probably right. It was in the high 80s today – probably as hot as Texas has been since March.

The difference, though, is that there is almost no air conditioning in this country. In fact, I talked to some people today who got a new car last Monday. Now, these are quite well off people for whom money, while not being NO object, isn’t exactly an obstacle. She was telling me about the new car and said (in a very, VERY excited voice), ‘and it’s got air conditioning!’ When’s the last time you even considered test-driving a car without air conditioning?

At the church barbecue on Saturday evening, the big talk was about who had a fan at home. A fan! They were even comparing stories:

‘We have a fan at home.’

‘Really? I wish WE had a fan.’

‘You can get one at Tesco.’

‘Really? Hmm….we may have to stop by there today…’

And you know, they might be right. I may have to stop by Tesco and check out the fans. Or, rather, fan. (Evidently, there’s just one type of fan.)

I can’t wait ‘til the next church barbecue!


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