Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Kumars

There’s this show on the BBC called The Kumars at No 42 (um…that’s Number 42, but it’s listed as No 42). Anyway, the premise is this: An Indian family (from India, not New Mexico or someplace like that) consisting of the adult son Sanjeev, his mother and father, and his elderly grandmother. Each week they invite two famous people to their house that somehow, in the back room, just happens to have a stage and room for an audience. Anyway, after some witty banter in the living room, they move to the more proper interview in the stage area. Sanjeev and the guest sit at a desk (as in other talk shows) and talk. Off to the side, though, are Sanjeev’s parents and grandmother who also ask questions.

Heavens…from reading my description, there’s probably no way anyone will ever want to watch this thing. But really, it’s funny. Probably one of the best ‘talk show’ type shows I’ve seen.


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