Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More on the BBC’s weather reports

In an earlier post, I mentioned the lack of information from the morning BBC weather reports. (‘There will be rain except in the areas where it is clear. It will also be warm throughout the country except where it is colder…possibly.’) This week saw the introduction of ‘new and improved’ BBC weather forecasts that include an odd fly-over effect in which the viewers soar through the air over Britain.

After two days, the new reports are making headlines (actually, since it was in this morning’s papers, it’s based on only one day’s forecasts). Basically, people don’t seem to like it. But even more telling is this excerpt from The Times:

‘In winter we will see snowflakes drifting downwards. And maybe when forecasters predict the weather accurately more than two days in a row, we will see little pigs flying overhead.’


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