Wednesday, May 18, 2005


On some of its planes (though not the 747 from December’s flight – that was older than…well…than…look, it was old, okay?), United Airlines has spiffy seatback monitors on which one can view the in-flight movies. (Virgin has even better ones – in addition to the movies, you can also play games.) You can also view the plane’s progress on a computer-generated map. The map shows the locations of certain cities to help you figure out just where you are flying over. Some cities (like Cardiff, London, Boston, New York, and Washington), I had heard of. Some places
(like the Quabbin Reservoir) I was not familiar with. One city, though, had me shaking my head.

Evidently located in England, the name was Kuujjuaq. Seriously. I am telling you the absolute truth. And to make sure I got it correct, I watched the screen intently and write the name on my in-flight airsick bag.

When I Googled it, it appears to be in Canada rather than England. That makes more sense but I'm positive it was shown near England on the map...


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