Friday, April 01, 2005

Museum Days - 2

Yesterday (Thursday), I decided to go to the Science Museum in London. One nice thing it that this museum has free admission to the main exhibits (the IMAX theater and the simulators are extra). And what a lot of exhibits there are - several floors of exhibits. Unfortunately for hyperactive children and their parents, not too many of the exhibits are hands-on (although more are in the works). For Americans, picture the Smithsonian American History Museum (or whatever its official title is) full of British science items. There are some very interesting items, some quite old and valuable, but not too exciting for kids. Which is why the one part that is full of hands-on science activities is mobbed with children. I just about got hives walking past - too many hyperactive screaming kids in too little space. And by screaming, I'm referring to the one kid who was just standing there, happy as could be, and screaming. (The bad part about being a teacher is that you only have off when the kids do.)


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