Monday, March 14, 2005

A Short List

Favourite Train Station Sandwich – the Upper Crust Bacon/Brie/Cranberry/Basil baguette. The good things: it’s very tasty, it’s easy to carry, and King’s Cross Station has three Upper Crust shops. The bad thing: it’s not available in the morning, only (as far as I know) in the evening.

Favourite Two-Block Stretch of London – Chinatown. The good things: There are interesting markets full of things I’ve never even heard of before. At night, it’s well lit, bustling with people, and just seems so alive. The bad things: I haven’t yet quite figured out how to order things here…I’m afraid I’ll end up with one of those squiddy-looking things hanging in the windows.

Favourite England Souvenirs – these little frog statues dressed as British police officers and Horse Guards. The good things: They are small (about 2 inches tall), inexpensive (less than 50p each), and not found in absolutely every shop you enter (I’ve only seen them in one shop). The bad things: They only come in two varieties.


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