Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Culinary Delights

I was strolling through Tesco yesterday. I didn't buy anything, but it's become a habit to visit the grocery store nearly daily.

Have you ever seen or heard of a new food product and been excited about trying it? Now, imagine a whole store of new food products! There are Jaffa Cakes, new brand names, fresh breads...the list goes on and on.

But yesterday, I finally found it. Haggis. And not just any haggis. I found The World's Favourite Haggis. I know it was...it said so on the wrapper. And why would a wrapper lie to anyone?

And I can see why this haggis is the world's favourite...its first ingredient is sheep lungs (33%). I mean, who wouldn't simply adore eating something that is one-third sheep lungs?


Blogger graycie said...

If you've found the haggis, can the Scottish lady be far behind?

11:24 PM  

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