Saturday, December 04, 2004

Weekly Stats

Currently reading: Night Fall by Nelson Demille - to review for The Roanoke Times.

Movies viewed this week: 0

TV shows watched this week: 0

Books read this week: 3

Number of rolls of film taken this week: 1

Number of rolls wedding pictures printed this week: Lost count at 12

Number of spam emails received so far today: 46

Number of non-list emails received so far today: 2

Number of personalized emails from Radio Havana received this week: 1
Question I'm asked the most: Are you ready for England?

Answer to most asked question: (while trying not to laugh) Not hardly

Next event: to see Seussical the Musical tomorrow

Next trip: to my parents' house at Christmas

Number of boxes packed this week: Lost count at 12

Most surprising moment:
The people at the Roanoke City tax office were able to quickly help me the first time I was there.

Number of times I put off cleaning out my car: Lost count at 127

Number of hours until it absolutely must be cleaned out: 24

Blog I took this idea from:
written road blog


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