Sunday, December 05, 2004


Today has been a fairly slow day for spam email. So far, only 34 managed to get past my ISP. But the oness that got past offered me a number of things:

  • Two offering software - including one offering "Any soft very cheap" and one offering "CHEAPP SOftware"

  • Six offering some type of loan

  • Sixteen offering some type of electronic item - a hovercraft, a homo sapien robot, a Sony Vaio laptop, a widescreen TV, things like that

  • Five offering free cash or some kind of high paying job.

  • One letting me "Make Gourmet Italian Brew"

  • Only one for personalized Christmas ornaments (today was a very slow day for that one)

  • One for "Scientific nutrition you actually see working every day"

  • Two for various sexual aids - one with the subject "love life: use some excitement; third leg enhancer" and one with the subject "making the fantastic love with your partner" - this last one ended with the line "While over used the. Used boys few than give near would mother."

It's a shame I delete all these emails. I suppose one day I could really use a third leg enhancer while I'm making the fantastic love with my partner.


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