Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Read It, Swap It

A few days ago, I blogged about a site called Read It, Swap It. Basically, if you have books you no longer want, you enter their information into the site. If someone sees a book they want, they request to swap. You check their list and, if you find one of their books you want, you swap books.

That's it.

All you pay is postage to mail the books. Monday, I mailed six books for a total of £6.00 total. That means I will receive six brand new (to me) books for less than the cost of one new one.

Five reasons why this is great:
  • I like getting mail. Mail larger than letter size is even better. Today I had three waiting for me! My Deputy Head saw my pigeon hole aat work and said, "Ooo...presents!" (I had them sent to work in case they wouldn't fit through the mail slot at home.
  • I am providing my books with a new home rather than letting them sit or just tossing them.
  • I wrap my books in plastic bags before sending them - thereby getting rid of the excess supermarket bags I had.
  • I will end up reading books I probably wouldn't otherwise have read.
  • It's dirt cheap. (Yes, yes, libraries, blah, blah, blah, etc. But libraries don't provide the other four things above.)

Read It, Swap It is ony for UK residents. However, Bookins is a similar site for US residents (but I can't vouch for anything about it).


Blogger peverettsmith said... is another US site similar to bookins and read it, swap it.

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