Friday, September 15, 2006

The Bluemantle Pursuivant

Image from Wikipedia
I learned something today.

I wrote to the College of Arms to ask about using coats of Arms to illustrate some mathematical concepts. (Basically, I wanted see what permissions I needed before using a person's coat of Arms.) I was delighted to receive a reply from the Bluemantle Pursuivant saying such a use was permitted without requiring any special permissions.

Don't you wish you had a cool title like Bluemantle Pursuviant? Your full title would be Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary and you'd get to hang out with the Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary.

You may still have a chance...the posts of Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary and Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary are currently vacant.


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