Monday, September 11, 2006

I Have Seen the Future

Last night, I went to a taping of BBC's Songs of Praise. We all gathered in the Royal Albert Hall - all 6,000 of us. We sang and watched performances by a full orchestra and several choirs (Royal Choral Society Saint Michael's Singers Adventist Vocal Ensemble Cantamus Songs of Praise Orchestra Sketchley Hill Primary School Choir St Aidan's C.E High School, Harrogate. ) The evening was hosted by Aled Jones and conducted by Paul Leddington Wright. For UK viewers, the two shows we taped will be broadcast on Sunday, October 28, and Sunday, December 31. (Yes, that's New Year's Eve...yes, it's September and I've already sung my share of Christmas carols and have been to a New Year's party. Break out the Easter eggs!)

(As an interesting side note, Aled Jones was terribly famous here in England in the mid 1980s for singing "Walking in the Air" - that Christmas song - something about a dancing snowman. You can't swing a dead cat at Chrstmas time without hearing "Walking in the Air". Anyway, after years of suposedly vowing never to sing that song again, he's recorded it a duet...with himself.)


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