Monday, August 28, 2006

Stil Safe in Istanbul

Despite some problems other places in Turkey (and in Istanbul), I am safe and have not had any problems.

Well, no problems other than the Turkish carpet salesmen who seem to want to serve me tea and ─▒ntroduce me to their entire families and adopt me and maybe just show me a carpet or two in the showroom.

Actually, the biggest problem I have had here is the computer keyboards. Not only are there a few extra letters in Turkish and the punctuation marks are moved around, Turkish also has two letters called I - a dotted and an undotted one. (Computer geek explanation of computer problems with the two I letters.) Now, to enter a web address, you use the dotted I which is not where ─▒t should be. But for an upper case I, you shift and use the undotted I. At least I think so. If my emails and posts look stranger than usual, that could be why.


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