Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Endangered Food

Evidently, there are a number of British foods which have made the endangered list. From some of the names, it's really no wonder.

Here's the list (shamelessly copied and pasted):

Ten most endangered savouries:

· Bath chaps
· Jugged hare
· Brawn
· Squirrel casserole
· Bedfordshire clanger (scrag end of mutton with kidneys)
· Pan haggerty (fried onions and potatoes)
· Hogs pudding
· Tripe and onion
· Faggots
· Bread and dripping

Ten most threatened puddings

· Calf's foot jelly
· Junket
· Sussex pond pudding (suet and lemon)
· Kentish pudding pie (rice and pastry)
· Dorset dumplings (apples and suet)
· Lardy cake
· Simnel cake
· Malvern pudding (fruit crumble)
· Singin hinnies (fried scone)
· Spotted dick

The whole story it in the Guardian.


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