Monday, July 11, 2005


Today was Year Six-to-Seven Transition Day. (Yes, I know I forgot to send cards…sorry.) It’s the day that year sixes come and visit school for the day and learn first-hand about secondary school. Since, from September of next year, I am the Primary transition Co-ordinator, I spent the day wandering about, watching the sixes in their lessons, and wondering just exactly how touch rugby in played.

We spent the morning congratulating each other on winning the 2012 Olympics and wondering which of our students would be able to compete. We shared our disbelief that we won…I mean, winning was great, nearly as good as beating Paris!

I also spent some time on the BBC and CNN websites finding out about the bombings in London. Hearing from the students that bombs had gone off in London, I needed to know more. What is it about information? There was certainly nothing I could do from Stevenage that would possibly impact anything in London, but I needed to know. I looked at the map of the bombings and plotted my travels through London yesterday afternoon. I ran through the short list of people I knew in London and hoped they were okay. I answered emails from people I knew who hoped I was okay.


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