Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ever wonder...?

Have you ever wondered just how much someone will pay for a signed copy of a Harry Potter book? (And no, you can wasn't me.)

I'm talking a signed copy of the newest book.

With an accompanying letter from JK Rowling's personal assistant.

And consider it was auctioned off at a gathering of the most die-hard Harry Potter fans in the entire world.

Also keep in mind that these fans did not know until Friday night that this book was available. Also, checks and credit cards aren't accepted. So, fans were limited to what money they had on hand or could pry out of an ATM at 11:30 Saturday night. (They could also use PayPal.)

Well, that amount, ladies and gentlemen, is £530.

Yes. £530.

That comes to $931.69 (at the official exchange's likely to end up being more due to bank charges, etc...)

Man...I'm really gonna enjoy that book.

No, really. It wasn't me. Honest. It was a woman from the organizing committee. NOT ME.


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