Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kensington Palace

Last Friday, me mum and I nipped over to Kensington Palace for a short visit. If you’ve ever wanted to see a display of royal dresses, you simply must go to Kensington Palace. Otherwise…well, anyway.

Your visit to Kensington Palace begins with an introduction to court dress: what it is, why it was important, and how it was made. Then, visitors see a selection of dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth II. Following this, you make your way through the apartments of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden. Since Princess Margaret died a few years ago, there’s not too much in the apartments.

Next, visitors see sixteen dresses worn by Princess Diana (she was still married when she wore most of the dresses…after the divorce she became Diana, Princess of Wales). After the dresses, you then pass into another set of royal apartments, this time, those used by earlier kings and queens, including King William and Queen Mary (I believe their respective numbers are III and II, but I may be wrong). Also included is the bedroom in which Princess Victoria was awoken and informed that she was now Queen Victoria. Lastly, in proper commercial form, visitors exit through the gift shop.

So, the basic overview of the Kensington Palace tour is Dresses, Apartments, Dresses, Apartments, Dresses in Apartments, Gift Shop. There was, however, a sword or two thrown in for good measure.


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