Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Health Insurance

Amidst dealing with a less-than-helpful American health insurance company, it dawned on me that perhaps I should figure out this British health system before I needed it. So, I stopped by my local surgery to register. After asking me to make sure I was sticking around here for at least six months, I was given two very small forms to complete (basically, my address, phone number and short (very short) past medical history), I was scheduled for a registration appointment with the nurse. My appointment is Monday at 4:35.

That was it.

No verification of my ability to legally work here. No verification of my ability to legally stay here for more than six months. No verification of my address. No "please wait seven weeks for an appointment." No looking at me like I was crazy.

All they gave me was this little bottle to fill with a specimen when I return.

How refreshing.

I don't know what the treatment will be like, but after the simple, painless registration, how bad can it be?


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