Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hitting the road?

Last week's Time Out magazine had an article about unicycle sports. What caught my eye, though was this paragraph:
While the British education system comes up with league tables, SATs, fines for errant parents and airport-style knife screening as ways to boost academic attainment, maybe we should just learn from Japan. When research showed that unicycling helped improve concentration, balance and co-ordination and could significantly aid physical and mental development, the Japanese Education Department went for it big-time. In 1992, unicycling became part of the curriculum for primary-age pupils. Every year, 2,000 Miyata unicycles are donated to schools for teaching so that now more than one million Japanese can ride on one wheel.

I guess I'll be out unicycle shopping, then. That should make a big hit at school...

The entire article is posted near the bottom of this page.


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