Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's News Roundup

From some of my earlier posts (below), it seems that my news sources are somewhat limited (to the Guardian, the Guardian, Guardian). So, today I bought The Independent, The Times, and...well... The Guardian.
Here are highlights from today's news. (Several of these items appeared inseveral papers as well as on the radio.)

From The Independent:

  • Help researchers study conditions such as acute respiratory distress symdrome by spending 23 days at the Mt. Everest Base Camp. The trek costs £2395. This includes flights, accommodation, food, sherpa, porters, a Western guide, as well as a donation of £500 to the scientific research. More information.
  • The Domesday Book will now be available online (from tomorrow - that's Friday) from the UK's National Archives.
  • Eating curry can help prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Evidently it's the tumeric.
  • Having new experiences can help improve your memory. It helps stimulate the brain!
  • A public lavatory is for sale in Lahinch, Ireland. It is expected to go for up to 300,000 euros at auction due to it's proximity to the beach. (Sorry, I can't find a link anywhere.)

From The Times:

    From The Guardian:

    • There was a teddy bear display in Somerset. Yes, WAS is the operative word here. It seems that the bears were "all on loan to Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset, and so valuable that the insurers had insisted on a guard dog to protect the premises at night." Ironically, however, the guard dog went beserk (their term) and destroyed mote than 100 bears, including one that used to belong to Elvis Presley. (Full story here.)
    • Need a job? Are you furry and scratch yourself? Maybe the Dehli railway is looking for someone just like you. It has already hired one monkey to scare off other monkeys that were bothering passengers. And evidently, the railway is not the only employer of monkeys.
    • A new and improved Kon Tiki is taking to the seas, this time with internet access.


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