Saturday, October 29, 2005


Now, here's an interesting blog...

(And by interesting, I mean odd.)


Blogger graycie said...

Ah, yes, Watson, I can help you here. Clearly you have stumbled upon the blog of a late middle school or early high school male who is into art, current style, and possibly a strange sexual orientation later on.

Shoes are THE determiner of cutting edge style and flaming individuality. While hats worn bizarrely with price tags still on are also good signs of early adolescent individuality, however shoes are the sine qua non of this age group's claim to sartorial excellence. (I have seen a near fistfight break out because one boy was wearing a hat at the same angle as another boy who claimed that the first boy had stolen his style.)

Young males in this age group often can be found in small groups leafing through catalogues of shoes such as your young blogger has posted. Older males who are not yet adult will have catalogues of either gleaming, spinning, bladed hub caps for their cars or gleaming, cut-out bejeweled covers for their front teeth. Really.

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