Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Gifts for the Budget Traveler

Someone has come up with a list of the Top 5 Budget Travel Gifts. Sounds nice. Unfortunately, I'm not very likely to receive a budget cruise anytime soon.

In the "under $15" category is a laminated pocket map. I have to say, one of the most useful things I acquired in London was a detailed street map, albeit non-laminated. Katrina, our tour guide, bought it for me when she found out that the adults planned to split up and take groups of kids around the city. It came in very handy when we had to hop off the tube several stops early and detour around millions of people in central London.

I would add to the list things like a Leatherman Micra, a good flashlight, and duct tape. A small stash of ziplock bags comes in handy, too. I've heard that a sink stopper comes in handy. I've never had to use one, but I've still got one, just in case. And a must have one of those. The selection of a journal, however, is a very personal thing. But you still should have one.

Of course, if you're dying to spend $159, you could always buy a poor traveler an Entry Clearance Visa to the UK.


Blogger Ginny ROCKS said...

Yay for wandering aimlessly around a foreign city with two boys who are going absolutely insane because they can hear motors of some tiny little tin cars, for thousands upon thousands of your closest friends in that strange country, and for 12 or so little teenagers, all of whom are dressed up, and SOME OF WHOM ARE WEARING HIGH HEELED SHOES. Ahem. Yay for that. Then stopping in the middle of the city and having Father Jump say "I think we need to pray" and doing so in the MIDDLE of the road. What an experience.

I would like to add that that entire time I had to pee SO BAD i thought that i was going to have to use a bush. it was bad. AND rob stole my Formula 1 flag. I was mad.

7:42 PM  

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